The Anti-Trunks Org.

September 9th 2001
Welcome to my first official update, 
good news Anti-Trunks fans, we have four new members to our amazing cause!
I've also added a few new sections to this page (and added more reasons why we hate the bastard) to give many more reasons why Trunks is only good for - ummm....  Absolutely nothing!  BURN THE LITTLE BITCH AWAY!
That's all ppz, till next update.
~Cassandra (The Prez)
To all the people out there who I seem to have offended, THIS SITE IS JUST A JOKE!  Don't take anything here seriously apart from the fact I hate Trunks.  I also don't hate homosexuals, I actually love them!  They are really nice people and I wouldn't go out of my way to discriminate them.  So sorry for anyone who has taken this site the wrong way.

I hate you trunks!


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he calls me master... ewww he's gay, really I will protect Gohan from himI'm ashamed to say he's family

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